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Shenyang Daily: Zhongchen Steel Structure uses red management to realize the historical leap of the enterprise
Release time:2019-05-06

"Shenyang Daily" reported on October 17, 2017, the A19 version: I always thought that red management is a hypothesis. A private enterprise made this hypothesis a reality.

On the eve of the party's 19th National Congress, the reporter went to Shenyang Zhongchen Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongchen Steel Structure”), went deep into the middle of the staff, discussed with the middle managers, and found the key decision-makers to communicate deeply. A great positive image of a private enterprise, a modern corporate image that persists in red-management to do the process and build the party building on the spot.

Song Chen, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Zhongchen Steel Construction, described the strategic thinking of the company's use of red management with a big pattern: the key to running China is the party. As non-public enterprises, we need more Communist leaders with direction, rules, and strength. Even the Western management circles have proposed to learn from the Chinese Communist Party. Only when we go with the party can we do the right thing. The work we do can be called the "party cause." Practice has proved that Zhongchen Steel is managed with the background of the red context and managed by the party building optimization process, which has harvested the red management dividend of organizational efficiency and customer value.

It is based on this kind of thinking that over the years, Zhongchen Steel has created a red management system with its own characteristics while providing quality products for the society.


Organizational behavior epistemology

Stepping into the door of Zhongchen Steel Structure Company, the big slogan of “lifting the party flag, listening to the party, and going with the party” immediately formed a strong shock wave for people and quickly entered a company with red management as the main style.

Zhongchen Steel Structure is a modern construction enterprise with “factory prefabrication and on-site assembly”, and the construction site is scattered in the Quartet. But they are "dissolving and distracting."

In 1993, Song Yi University opened its entrepreneurial journey two years after graduation. At that time, Song Yu also had the status of a state-owned enterprise. At the beginning of the establishment, the company was carried out in the name of contracting, leasing, etc., and recruiting horses must rely on the red-headed documents of the Office to protect them. Despite the entrepreneurship in the sea, the party’s weight in Song Xin’s heart is particularly important.

"In 2003, I founded the Zhongchen Steel Structure, which was registered by a private enterprise. Since then, I have not organized and lost my mother-in-law. The taste is like a forged air hammer turned into a hammer air." Song said.

Although it is affiliated with industry organizations, the employees who account for 5% of Song Wei are all party members. They are arguing with the organization relationship files, but their hearts are empty, and they earn money and feel their legs are floating. One of their favorite songs at the time was "Keeping the Roots." Over time, the values sway and are susceptible to various "parking ideas." At that time, the senior management team of Zhongchen Steel was a party member, and sometimes it was crowded into the flying research work in the car. Everyone laughed at the "underground party meeting."

At the beginning of 2006, the first plant of Zhongchen Steel Structure was completed in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone. When the various personnel were not fully in place, the first thing they decided to settle was the establishment of the party branch. Since then, the practice of party building has confirmed the sustainable development of Zhongchen Steel Structure, relying on the strategic layout and organizational wisdom of the Chinese Communist Party.

"I went to work in your company not only to work and eat, but survival is not pressure, but struggle is the pressure." This is the expression of the 85-year-old famous school graduate Li Health to Zhongchen Steel. He said, "A company with a healthy image is worth fighting for." Today, the eight-year-old struggling employee is already the deputy chief engineer.

As private SMEs, they regard talents as treasures, and they are absolutely reluctant to recruit the “Phoenix” to fly away. In 2012, Zhongchen Steel was awarded the honorary title of Honesty Demonstration Enterprise of Liaoning Province by the provincial government. At the commendation meeting, Song Yu represented the province's honest demonstration enterprise. He said that morality can make up for the shortcomings of wisdom, but wisdom must not fill the fall of morality. The party committee of Zhongchen Steel Construction has discovered that three middle managers have lie, untrustworthy, self-fertilizing and other illegal behaviors in the business, which is the pain of blood and meat, and they have resolutely dismissed them.

Which enterprise employer is talking about "people-oriented", then what is this "this"? It is "trusted product + quality available". Everyone is talking about "Internet +", what to add, the most important thing to add in the market chaos is the letter usage.

The installation company has a party member project manager called Liu Hongliang, who was originally a refined research and development staff. He was alone in the Manzhouli construction site in Inner Mongolia for 220 days. The blizzard was cold and stopped working; it was difficult to eat when the water was cut off; Party A could not bear to see him and advised him to withdraw. He said, "I am not lonely, there is a spirit of contract in the board room." Party A has repeatedly called the company: Who said that the market has no blood-stained morality, and you have such a pioneer warrior, and my 'head-to-caller' will become a 'returning customer'." Bai Jing’s Xiao Liu returned to the company when he was revived, black and thin. I got rid of the phase and lost 12 pounds of weight, which made people feel bad! Zhongchen Steel decided to entertain him for a comfortable meal, and all the members of the party and government team toasted him.


Joint force theory

This is the landscape that the French admires: Zhongchen Steel has won the bid for the Michelin plant project of the French company.

In order to grab the construction period, they mobilized more than a dozen construction teams to play together. On the construction site, the flags were inserted all the time, and the slogans were agitated; the cranes lifted the arms and set up the beams; the jumpers and the uppers, the welding torches were hurricane, and the people, machines, materials, and legal rings were moving. The French manager was shocked. In the eyes of foreigners, this atmosphere of battle is amazing, everyone is brave and efficient.

Some foreign leaders have asked Deng Xiaoping what the biggest advantage of the Chinese socialist system is. Deng Xiaoping told him

"Concentrate on doing big things." Mao Zedong’s description of the General Assembly war is very precise, that is, “concentrate and work together in a decisive place”. In the past, the "three major battles" did not have to be said. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, under the strong leadership of the ruling party, the "two bombs on the sky", the Xin'anjiang hydropower station, the West-East Gas Pipeline, the South-to-North Water Transfer, the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, "5·12 "Earthquake relief, and so on, how many red management memories left by big projects."

Song Wei said that "the atmosphere is more important than the system", and more refers to the atmosphere of party building project. Zhongchen Steel has a large-volume project, and will send “party representatives” to the on-site management team. Sometimes the project manager is a party member. Their vanguard and exemplary role is not only reflected in the realization of the plan indicators, but also to mobilize the emotional capital of construction workers.

Management psychology says that everyone has a "home base" in their consciousness, a state of self-entertainment. This state is morale. A person's morale will have a background effect on another person. Zhongchen Steel Construction Party Committee put forward the ideal of “red management to do the process, party building and strong enterprise on the spot”. Only in front of the flag, can we pre-form the rules and have a field.

At the "5·12" disaster relief site, when I first went there, many people had no bottom in the heart of the private enterprise Zhongchen Steel Structure.

As a "responsible enterprise", Zhongchen Steel dispatched an "elite force", and nearly 200 people went to Sichuan to build a transitional resettlement house. The most vivid image of their team is to carry the party flag into the ruins, and open the red banner in the ruined wall: "To compete against time to build a transitional resettlement house - Shenyang Zhongchen went to the Sichuan Party branch." With the aftershock, after 70 days of poisonous sun Under the battle, Zhongchen Steel completed the construction of 3,000 sets of resettlement houses, which is one-third of the total amount of aid construction in Shenyang. Local party committee government leaders frequently called Zhongchen people a "red square."

The Beiyi Road Viaduct in Tiexi District, which was opened to traffic at the end of September this year, is the first steel-saving structural steel bridge in the country.

In order to ensure the completion of the planning of the district committee and the district government on time, the members of the Zhongchen Steel Construction Party called the slogan "One party member has a nail, nailed to the post and can not be moved", set a military order, and adopted "three shifts". The work state of people resting on the machine is nailed to the "shopping" of the construction line, and the whole line of Helong was successfully realized at 12:18 on the day of the Jianjun Festival. From the first suspension to the Helong, the 1533 meters took a total of 157 days. The fact that Zhongchen Steel constructor has proved that red management is the step of personal improvement.


Two-way training of talents

The party committee of Zhongchen Steel Construction Co., Ltd. has been studying such a topic, that is, transforming the party's organizational advantage into the management of human resources execution. To optimize talents into talents, it is necessary to solve this problem through the carrier of “creating the first to compete for excellence”. Advanced and excellent are the essential characteristics and consistent pursuit of the Chinese Communist Party. They combined the "first-class competition" of the party-building management system with the "two first-in-one" evaluation of the enterprise administrative management system, and decided to obtain the human capital dividend in the "two-way training".

"Two-way training" means cultivating Communist Party members into excellent employees, cultivating outstanding employees into Communist Party members; optimizing team members with performance to optimize the party members to expand organizational coverage; and matching the glorious title of the Communist Party members who are on the show to their performance Let outstanding employees grow up to be advanced elements; help the progressive party members to have strong quality and talents, and encourage outstanding employees to seek progress and climb the peak.

Riveter Liu Quan is a migrant worker. Although he has a feeling of inferiority, he works hard and uses the "set" method to process H-shaped steel. It is not afraid of labor and labor, and the standard parts are fed standard parts. The party branch of the workshop allowed him to attend the "political birthday" of the party members. Some people laugh at him, it is hard that you "the mafia" to be dyed red. The party organization seized on his hunger and thirst for "to live to see for himself" and constantly stimulated the new force of drafting roots. Later, he not only joined the party, but also was awarded the “May 1 Labor Medal” by the city and the province.

Taking the road of strengthening the party and building the people, the typical emerging nodes that have emerged from the blueprint have boosted the innovation drive of the “four Zhongchen”. "Four Zhongchen" refers to the comprehensive upgrade of the technology Zhongchen, management Zhongchen, quality Zhongchen, and service Zhongchen.

The modern construction industry direction of Zhongchen Steel is mainly the construction of industrial plants, fabricated houses and bridges. From the state-owned enterprise "job-hopping" to the company's project manager Li Weiguo, the technical innovation in the field management has created many "Zhongchen first", and people sent the nickname "active board room", how can there be urgent and dangerous work? He will be sent to "fire fighting." But he has been free from the party. In July 2012, the company won the bid for the Shenben overpass project. This is the first bridge construction project of Zhongchen Steel Structure, and it is not the “Li”. The party committee of the company made several times the ideological and political work of Li Weiguo. He finally understood the "flag language" and said that he applied to join the party. In the company's ten-year celebration, he commended ten special contribution award figures. Li Weiguo is one of them. In 2014, he raised his right hand under the party; in 2015, he won the “May 1 Labor Medal” in Shenyang.

On June 21 this year, due to the heavy rain, the east pumping station of Wu'ai Street in Shenyang City was in danger, and Zhongchen Steel was in danger. Three members of the technical department and the technical department and two young backbones formed a tough team, and they fought continuously for 36 hours. The production task of the Beiyi Road Viaduct project was tight and the production task of Changchun Nanhu Bridge and Fufeng Bridge was just released. The enthusiasm of the workshop workers was close to the burning point. Under the leadership of the outstanding class members Liu Quan and Zhang Chao, the riveting class and the welder three classes refocused their work enthusiasm. After 40 hours of unremitting efforts, all the components were processed and sent to the scene. Under the leadership of Pang Hao, a member of the party committee and the party secretary and deputy manager of the installation company, the installation company command team put the party flag on the construction site with the responsibility of “difficult and dangerous party members to go up and worry about organizing and recruiting”, and ensure that all work is focused on The core point of customer value. They have not slept in a sense of 120 hours and built a strong fortress for rescue projects. Fan Ting, the famous anti-Japanese general, said that "there is no heat that can't be refined without the heat of white heat." It is the best product of Zhongchen Steel Structure.

In the "activist", Jiancai was selected, and "this cloud" began to rain. In the first half of 2012 alone, the company's design and research institute declared eight patent technologies. Especially after the completion of the total engineer system, by the end of 2016, the scientific and technological innovation achievements have reached 21 honors above the municipal level. Zhongchen Steel Structure has been assessed as Liaoning Technical Center, Liaoning Engineering Research Center, National High-tech Enterprise, National Level. Steel Structure R&D and Testing Service Center.


Methodology of Party and Enterprise Responsibility

In the practice of party building, Zhongchen Steel realized that it is a rationale, and the party building and enterprise management system cannot be busy. The main direction of the party committee and the executive team is the same, which is to improve organizational efficiency and create customer value.

The strategy must be thought-provoking, and management must be good at doing good. As the party secretary of the company, the chairman of the board of directors Song Yiquan involved in the party management system and management system. He believes that small and medium-sized non-public enterprises do not need to engage in two lines, and they cannot engage in two layers of skin. Stacking the shelf layer is not as flat as it is, this is management knowledge. Organizational structure practice can completely "combine similar items" and turn their vertical lines into horizontal business processes. Think about it, can the music and string music ensemble the same piece of music, called orchestral music, can the party and enterprise not be connected in parallel to "synchronous sound"?

Specifically, they implemented two sets of team members to cross each other. Among the members of the company's party committee, the general manager is the propaganda minister, and the deputy chief executive of the production company is the branch secretary of the manufacturing company. He is the full-time deputy secretary of the HR and the party office and the chairman of the labor union. The manager of the Quality Management Department and the installation company under the company, and the head of a functional department. The members of the party committee account for more than 70% of the company's decision-making level, and its leadership can be solid in the company's operation, management, production, research and development and other process systems.



Mao Zedong proposed that the party building system of "the branch is built on the company" and "double master" is very instructive to the red management of the company. Putting the party building in the upper position is equivalent to sending political commissars and instructors to various institutions. Promote organizational efficiency with strong positions and strong support with targeted management. Peter Drucker believes that the basic principle of organizational structure is to minimize the level of management and try to form the shortest chain of command.

Zhongchen Steel Structure has set up an enterprise management committee, which is a process management organization with party committee members as the main body, and presides over the monthly business analysis meeting. The "process" image is said to be the process of flowing water in the same way as before. The whole process management is like river channel renovation and node blockage management. For example, they investigated the problem of “stiffness and imaginary” in the management of the project, and the problems of “products and owments” appeared in the materials, and they were timely controlled and dredged. Efficiency is reflected in the joint effort.

In order to prevent dragging and squeezing, each of the various adjustments, Zhongchen Steel Structure changed the regular office meeting for 10 years to the party-enterprise joint dispatching committee, and the party and government workers wanted to attend the meeting together, and then “connected to the grid to generate electricity”. The higher-level party committee listed Zhongchen Steel as the second batch of the party's mass line education practice activities unit, and the video of the party committee's democratic life meeting passed the "micro-load" and handed it over to the masses for evaluation. The so-called masses are not "third parties". They are bright-eyed and the opinions are often the igniters for enterprises to burn out problems. Yang Qiang of the installation company put forward the opinion that the staff dormitory should be overhauled, so that Zhongchen Steel Management Manager sweated: "You don't like the old carpenter, who built a broken house before retirement." Yes, Zhongchen Steel Construction As for the customer's service as a "life gate", how can you not care about your brother's affairs? Immediately, Zhongchen Steel started the “Party Construction Project” and sent construction workers to renovate the dormitory. After the two party committee members gathered, 16 party members participated in the Dedication Day event – cleaning the bedroom building.


The road, the smell of sour smell in the bathroom has gone.

"Orientation" is a concept of architecture, "direction" is objective, and "direction" is artificially designed. Since Zhongchen Steel has designed this "oriented", it is necessary to continue to deepen this design, and the party and enterprise are responsible for consolidating this "oriented".

To run the day, you must also fly the soul. In recent years, Zhongchen Steel Structure, which has built a strong enterprise with the party, has won the title of “May 1 Labor Medal”, model worker and outstanding Communist Party member in 13 provinces and cities; and won 42 provincial and national high-quality engineering gold awards and innovation achievement awards. Among the Zhongchen people, there are those who support poor students, who are obligated to donate blood all the year round, serve people with disabilities, and do "good community". Who can say that this is not a Zhongchen steel component?

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