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Liaoning Daily: The Beiyi Road Viaduct was opened to traffic at the end of September and drove through Shencheng in 30 minutes.
Release time:2019-05-06

At present, the subordinate project of the lower part of the viaduct has been basically completed, and the installation of railings and soundproof screens on the bridge is underway. "On September 19, at the construction site of the Shenyang North Road viaduct, the project leader of Shenyang Zhongchen Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. told reporters, "According to the plan, the North First Road viaduct will be officially opened on September 27, when it will cross the Shencheng East and West. It takes half an hour.

The Beiyi Road Viaduct was started in May last year. The bridge was built to break through the traffic bottlenecks in the west of Shenyang and the large passages out of the city, thus forming a fast road across Shenyang. It is understood that this bridge is the first city in the country to apply the labor-saving structural steel bridge. The viaduct is 3040 meters long, of which the main bridge is 2766 meters long and the approach road is 274 meters long. The main line starts from the east of Kaigong Street at about 220 meters. East is about 50 meters west of Guangming Street.

At the construction site, the person in charge of Zhongchen Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. introduced that “the main structure of the bridge is constructed by the combination of continuous steel plate beam, simply supported steel box girder and continuous steel box girder. Factory prefabrication, on-site In order to adapt to the cold weather in the north, the bridge deck of Beiyi Road Viaduct adopts high-elastic modified asphalt, which is resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and can effectively prevent the bridge deck from cracking, longitudinal cracking, pits and road surface becoming weak. Compared with the traditional concrete structure, the construction method is flat and the construction period is shortened by 1/3."

According to the relevant person in charge of the urban construction department of Shenyang City, the Beiyi Road Viaduct is the west extension line of the East-West Expressway, which plays an important role in the Shenyang transportation system. The design speed is 80 kilometers per hour, and the west section of the Qixian North Street of the viaduct is a two-way four-lane layout. On the west side of Qixian North Street, the viaduct is set up with a west-to-east single-lane upper bridge ramp, and a west-west single-lane lower bridge ramp is set on the west side of Jingxing North Street. The east section of Jingxing Street, the main bridge of the viaduct, is changed from two-way four-lane to two-way six-lane.

According to reports, after the completion of the Beiyi Road Viaduct, from east to west, it will cross Xinghua Street, Jingxing Street, Qixian Street and Baogong Street at 4 important intersections in the west of Shenyang. The citizens drive from the East-West Expressway. To the Kaigong Street, there will be no signal passage on the whole line, and the transit time will be shortened from the original half hour to 5 minutes. At the same time, in the third ring of Shencheng, the Dongling Viaduct, the East-West Expressway, and the Beiyi Road Viaduct are connected from east to west, becoming a fast trunk road that crosses the main city, passing through the Dadong District, Shenhe District, Heping District, and Huanggu. The connection between the district, Tiexi District and Yuhong District will be closer.

“The north-south expressway has been opened to traffic. After the North 1st viaduct is opened to traffic, the main city of Shenyang will form a 'ten' shaped expressway. Adding one, two and three ring roads will form a huge fast road network for citizens to travel. It will be more and more convenient.” The relevant person in charge of the urban construction department of Shenyang told reporters, “After the opening of the Beiyi Road Viaduct, the citizens living in the west of Shenyang will go directly to the North Station, Zhongjie, Dongling Park and other places, and live in the eastern part of Shenyang. Residents can take this fast-travel road directly from the west to the city."

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