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Shenyang TV Station: Creating a bustling city builder
Release time:2019-05-06

Shenyang TV station "Shenshi Evening News" reported on August 31, 2017: Thousands of migrant workers came to Shenyang every year to seek livelihood. They are a different color in the city, bright but faint. They made an extraordinary modern era with the most ordinary hands. They are displaced from their homes, rain or shine, wearing stars and wearing moons, not afraid of suffering.

They are like the characters played by many of us. They are fathers, sons, friends, and they have the same emotions and emotions. They also have their own human warmth in their hearts. The gift is a rose, the hand has a fragrance, the happiness is Shenyang, and the joint creation. Shencheng is our root and soul. They poured Shencheng with sweat, and we gave them a little reward with warmth.

Liu Libao, deputy manager of Zhongchen Steel Structure North Road Expressway Phase I (Second Section) project, said in an interview: "It is very hard to do this, but we are very proud. This bridge is the first in the country. The steel bridge with a labor-saving structure across the city is more than 3,000 meters. I am very proud to be one of the participants. I will be a father at the end of the year. When my child grows up, I will take him to see it. Bridge, I believe my child will be proud of his father!"

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