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Quality planning

The project establishes the quality management system of the project in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system standard, realizes the standardization, standardization, proceduralization and institutionalization of the quality and management of the project, ensuring that all work is planned, based, standard, and has measures. , analysis and improvement. Establish a documented quality system by developing three levels of documents: quality plan, management system, and operation documents. It is the specificization of the company's quality management system in the project to make clear provisions on the organizational structure, procedures, processes and resources required by the project department in the project construction management, and to implement and continuously improve.


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Technical deepening

The deepening of the steel structure mainly consists of two parts: First, the steel column segmentation is carried out in combination with the on-site tower crane working condition. Second, according to the needs of maintenance, determine the structural form and location of the attachments on the columns and beams. Modeling with Tekla Structures Professional 3D software.


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Technical disclosure 

The technical and technical department will provide technical personnel to the management personnel and operators to clarify the engineering characteristics, technical quality requirements, construction methods and measures, etc., so as to scientifically produce and construct to ensure the technical quality of zero accidents.

Steel column processing

Zhongchen Steel has 5 world-class light steel production lines, 4 heavy steel super heavy steel production lines, 2 bridge and special steel production lines, 2 steel structure deep processing production lines, 2 net frame production lines and 2 truss production lines. The annual production capacity is 150,000 tons of steel components and 2 million square meters of residential buildings.

Field installation

Safe and civilized construction: energy saving, water saving, power saving, less dust, low noise

Zhongchen Steel has cooperated with Japanese, German and Swiss companies in all aspects to continuously promote the development and application of fully assembled steel structure residential products, forming a “all steel frame + assembled prestressed concrete laminated floor + autoclaved sand plus The perfect system of gas concrete exterior wall panel + reinforcement mix high strength and light interior wall panel, and summed up a set of winter construction methods.

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