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Guided by customer value, we provide modular design, standardized manufacturing, assembly and construction, information management, and integrated services to ensure customers have no worries.


Zhongchen Steel has invested 300 million yuan to build a "China Modern Building Industrialization Production Base", which has the most complete and advanced equipment in the steel structure industry in North China, including 5 world-class light steel production lines and heavy steel super There are 4 heavy steel production lines, 2 bridge and special steel production lines, 2 steel structure deep processing production lines, 2 net frame production lines and 2 truss production lines. The annual designed production capacity is 150,000 tons and the steel structure houses are 2 million square meters. 

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The number of workshop technicians is more than 400. It is a professional technician of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises and outstanding graduates of colleges and universities. The number of technicians holding certificates in each position reaches 100%.

Zhongchen Steel Structure adopts the project manager responsibility management system. There are 17 first-level registered construction engineers and 23 second-level registered construction engineers. There are more than 30 professional installation teams, which are civilized and efficient for project construction management and on-site service.

In the construction process of hundreds of projects, it has accumulated rich experience in construction and installation and project management, especially in projects with short installation period, difficulty, and poor construction site conditions.

In July 2006, the Shenyang Municipal Government planned to host the “5th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo” in the international exhibition, and it was necessary to build a new exhibition hall of 5400 square meters of steel structure. Zhongchen Steel Structure started the internal circulation communication mechanism and the result was down. Forced management mechanism, only 18 days of engineering completion, created a milestone "Zhongchen speed" in the same industry.

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