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 Organizational behavior epistemology

At the beginning of 2006, the first plant of Zhongchen Steel Structure was completed in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone. When all the personnel of the various roads have not yet been put in place, one of the first things that we settled first is the establishment of the party branch. Since then, the practice of party building has confirmed the sustainable development of Zhongchen Steel Structure, relying on the strategic layout and organizational wisdom of the Chinese Communist Party.

According to the leadership theory, if the relationship between the leader and his subordinates has a common value base, the profit of the enterprise can be increased by 15%-25% within three years. In a certain sense, the market is the arena of value management. Only those who hold the avenue can meet the people in the Tao. The avenue is just as well. The Communist Party advocates the values of the right path of humanity.

As a small and medium-sized enterprise of private nature, we regard talents as treasures, and we are absolutely reluctant to recruit the “Phoenix” to fly away. However, the company's party committee has found that two executives and three middle managers have lie, untrustworthy, self-fertilizing and other illegal behaviors in the business, which is the pain of blood and meat, and they have resolutely dismissed them.

Which enterprise employer is talking about "people-oriented", then what is this "this"? It is "trusted product + quality available". Everyone is talking about "Internet +", what to add, the most important thing to add in the market chaos is the letter usage.

Joint force theory

The “law of responsibility dilution” is synonymous with big pot rice and is a problem of missing organizational synergy goals. At that time, the red flag channel that took the water from the mountain was fighting. More than 100,000 people did not have a deserter. There was no corrupt official. Is such a "red resource" worthy of our inheritance? The average person thinks that important things = everyone do, everyone do = everyone do, everyone do = others do, others do = no one to do.

Our company has an annual output value of 10 million from the start-up, and now the annual output value has exceeded 500 million. It should be said that it started from the project system, or it is the explosive force that pushed Zhongchen Steel to this day. Project management is a big task in management science. The business system and public management operations must also adopt the project system. As a Sino-Cheng steel structure that has sprung up in the Northeast, it is necessary to grab the market in one battle. At the same time, our company has more than 20 construction projects at the same time, so we must grasp the main aspects of major contradictions or contradictions. In Deng Xiaoping’s words, he said, "Catch the big and let go, you can't use the average force." The multi-point theory is not as important as the key point. It is necessary to concentrate on the superior forces to fight the annihilation. In August 2006, we also used the battle mode to complete the construction of the 5,400-square-meter Shenyang Convention and Exhibition Center venue in only 18 days, which was called “Zhongchen Speed” by the industry.

The "combat battle" of synergy and synergy will lead to the dissatisfaction of "same competition, you can do it", and the party organization should create a positive energy environment that "pull out" in the enterprise management, and control the "no jealousy and struggle". degree". Red management does not say "thought to rule the enterprise", but to use the "life is high" pattern to lead the "three views."


Two-way training of talents

Our company has been exploring the integration of the Communist Party's housekeeping skills, ideological construction and organizational construction into the development and management of human resources. Through the matching of people and posts in "everything is done, everyone has something to do", through the typical guide of the pioneer warriors Guide employees to pursue excellence. Excellence is a quality and a continuous attitude. Doing business "three books": people, capital, cost, people are the first, is the logical starting point for the growth and maturity of enterprises. The quality and ability of human resources have increased, capital has increased, and costs have fallen. The so-called red management is to extend to the entire enterprise management system, rather than simply grasping the activities of party members and remembering the accounts of party affairs. The ideological construction is not to let the leaders be "speaking." Red management can be understood as an enterprise management model that uses the party's organizational management experience value. This model can't violate the three basic rules of management: rule one, management is only responsible for performance; rule two, in the management system, people are not equal; rule three, management is right or wrong, only face the facts ,Solve the problem.

In our party's calendar, "the party manages talents", the party and government organs and institutions in the system are all gathered together, but there are also problems of panic and inaction. Therefore, we must also assess "de, energy, diligence, performance, and integrity." The management of enterprise talents must also talk about “definition of results” and speak with performance. There is a mantra in Western management: "We only believe in God, others must speak with data." In this world, no company is not a performance company. We edited a communication textbook "Please give me results" in the training activities, which is intended to tell employees that your ability, competence and responsibility will be transformed into an executable solution through your learning ability.

There is such a saying in "The Analects of Confucius": "The gentleman has a good deed, and he is a leader." Party management talents must be pragmatic. The party committee of the company has been studying such a topic, that is, transforming the party's organizational advantage into the management of human resources execution. To optimize talents into talents, it is necessary to solve this problem through the carrier of “creating the first to compete for excellence”. Advanced and excellent are the essential characteristics and consistent pursuit of the Chinese Communist Party. We combined the “earth-first-class competition” of the party-building management system with the “two first-in-one” evaluation of the enterprise administrative management system, and decided to obtain the human capital dividend in the “two-way training”. "Two-way training" means cultivating Communist Party members into excellent employees, cultivating outstanding employees into Communist Party members; optimizing team members with performance to optimize the party members to expand organizational coverage; and matching the glorious title of the Communist Party members who are on the show to their performance Let outstanding employees grow up to be advanced elements; help the progressive party members to have strong quality and talents, and encourage outstanding employees to seek progress and climb the peak.


Lean management relativity

Now, the most appropriate way to deal with Japanese topics is to justify the "little devils" with righteous words and then cut into the topic. Otherwise, beware of "angry green" pats. In fact, people who know history know that the Japanese people are very good at learning the strengths of others. For example, in the Tang Dynasty, Japan sent a large number of Tang ambassadors, although they did not learn the Chinese to learn tofu. It is not necessary to say that the old saying "to control the country" has been reform and opening up for nearly 40 years now. The essence of openness is the existence of interoperability. When he was prime minister, Zhu Rongji took the lead in combining the advanced thinking of the Communist Party of China with modern management. “What kind of entrepreneurs are we lacking in our country?” He said after asking such a question: “The lack of entrepreneurs from Bogutong today understands both foreign business management, China’s Sun Tzu’s Art of War, and the Communist Manifesto. "The entrepreneur."

There is no management mode that makes people "like big and big". Learning management should be based on localization, insist on what to learn, what is missing, and choose a module with targeted and practical rewards. For example, Zhongchen Steel has embedded 4R execution, 5S improvement, MBO (target management), SDA (skill development activity), KPI (key performance indicator), ERP (“two-in-one” integration), and “three integration” in enterprise management. (Quality, Safety, Environment) system, and IBO from Europe, Six Sigma in the United States, TPS (Toyota Model) in Japan, and Amoeba in Inamori.

There is no standard answer to management, only eternal questioning. Modules that are not applicable after the test do not have to land, and the Tao and the surgery are relative, and the body and the use are dialectical. Red management does not reject any practical tools or methods. Marx's materialist dialectics contains relativism. In the words of Taoism, "there is no yin and no yang, no yang." I admire a philosopher's rumor: "Truth is the child of time, not the authoritative child." The things that are brought, the objects that are active in practice in the sublation, the time will let you witness the effect of practice, this is my attitude.


Methodology of Party and Enterprise Responsibility

The organizational structure of an enterprise is not "optimal" but only "best fit". Even in the same industry, there is no so-called “optimal” organizational structure that can be directly copied. I am currently the chairman of the Shenyang Small and Medium Enterprises Association. From the perspective of the organizational structure of the governing units of our association, there is no re-sense. But the governors have a consensus that organizational design must be compliant with efficiency.

Everyone noticed that the international management academics had triggered two revolutions. The first revolution was initiated by Taylor. He studied management on an individual basis. Through the Principles of Management Science, the quota system greatly improved the productivity of individual workers. The second revolution was initiated by Drucker. He organized the organization and passed the books such as "Effective Managers", which greatly improved the organization's production efficiency. Zhongchen Steel Structure has imitated the organizational structure of state-owned enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises, and they are all “not satisfied with water and soil”. Finally, we found an organizational model that adapts itself. In the practice of party building, we have realized a rationale, and the party building and enterprise management system cannot be busy with each other. The main direction of the party committee and the executive team is the same, which is to improve organizational efficiency and create customer value.

The strategy must be thought-provoking, and management must be good at doing good. As the company's chairman, party secretary, and general manager, what should I do?

I want to intervene in the party management system and management system throughout the process. Small and medium-sized non-public enterprises do not need to engage in two lines, and they cannot engage in two layers of skin. Stacking the shelf layer is not as flat as it is, this is management knowledge. Organizational structure practice can completely "combine similar items" and turn their vertical lines into horizontal business processes. Think about it, can the music and string music ensemble the same piece of music, called orchestral music, can the party and enterprise not be connected in parallel to "synchronous sound"?

We have set up a business management committee, which is a process management organization with party committee members as the main body, and conducts monthly business analysis meetings. The "process" image is said to be the process of flowing water in the same way as before. The whole process management is like river channel renovation and node blockage management. For example, we have investigated the problem of “stiffness and imaginary” in the management of the plan, and the problems of “producting and owing” in the materials, and timely control and dredging. Efficiency is reflected in the joint effort.

In order to prevent dragging and squeezing, we will change the office meetings that have been running for 10 years into the joint meeting of the party and enterprise. The party and government workers will meet on the meeting and will be connected to the grid. The higher-level party committee listed Zhongchen Steel as the second batch of the party's mass line education practice activities unit, and the video of the party committee's democratic life meeting passed the "micro-load" and handed it over to the masses for evaluation. The so-called masses are not "third parties". They are bright-eyed and the opinions are often the igniters for enterprises to burn out problems.

Time is more convincing than the truth. As a person who pursues red management, it is not because my company's funder has the biological characteristics of the old horse or the camel, but the company “does the right thing and the right officer”. To run the day, you must also fly the soul. In recent years, Zhongchen Steel has won the title of “May 1 Labor Medal”, model worker and outstanding Communist Party member in 12 provinces and municipalities; and won 42 provincial and national high-quality engineering and innovation achievements awards. Among the Zhongchen people, there are those who support poor students, who are obligated to donate blood all the year round, serve people with disabilities, and do "good community". Who can say that this is not a fission spread of the Zhongchen steel structure brand. Few people think of the dividends we released to the society, and the "three sessions and one lesson" system, "Zhongchen Steel Construction Party Construction Management Execution Manual", "I am Zhongchenren", and the cultural wall maps throughout the factory. The background board determines that we do the right thing, and the whole process determines that we do things right.


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