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From a theoretical point of view, modern architecture and traditional architecture are not the corresponding relationship, but the development relationship, and the development comes from organizational wisdom. What is wisdom? The ability to solve problems is called "intelligence", and the advanced premonition is called "hui". "Sun Tzu's Art of War" cloud: "Up and down with the desire to win." For the enterprise, the leadership is the point, the organization is the line, the employees are the face; to point and face, through the line to complete. The organizational wisdom of Zhongchen Steel to promote development by party building is to turn the party’s correct ideas into the conscious actions of the masses.


"Zhongchen Dream" is an organic part of the great "Chinese Dream", which looks small but has a large pattern. To realize the "Zhongchen Dream", that is, to achieve the goal of "customer respect, employee happiness, and shareholder trust", and strive to build socialism with Chinese characteristics, we must carry forward the spirit of labor and innovation, and give back to the society and benefit the people.


In the face of the "new normal" of the Chinese economy, our "organizational efficiency" is in a period of dynamic balance. Zhongchen Steel has practiced the industrialization of building structures and accumulated certain industrialization experience in R&D, design, production and construction. The industrialization of building steel structure is an upgrade to the traditional 砼 building, which is a green building. Zhongchen Steel can become a “100-year-old shop” in the field of steel structure construction, and it depends on whether we can become China’s “water-storage house” or “Yahe house”. Grasping the opportunity and taking advantage of the situation, we can realize the "Zhongchen Dream" as soon as possible. Zhongchen people will bid farewell to the "small days" that are at the low end of the industry, busy and busy.


"Days of the day" is not as good as "running the day." Facing the current external environment and internal status quo, a series of documents such as the “Green Building Action Plan” at the national level are being implemented, policy orientation is strengthened, and demonstration projects are launched. Shenyang City became the first demonstration city of modern construction industry in May 2014, Liaoning. The province has also become the first province of the modern construction industry, which has accelerated the formation of emerging markets.


How to build a new model and mechanism in research and development, marketing, design, operation and management is crucial. It is necessary to consolidate the party building and improve the scientific level of red management; it is necessary to concentrate on the goal and see the truth. Realizing the Zhongchen dream, the color of the Zhongchen people, stop at the best.

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