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1. Technology strategy

Constantly enrich the internal R&D strength of the technology, and rely on the technological advantages of the Liaoning Province Modern Construction Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance to achieve “original innovation, integrated innovation, introduction, absorption and innovation”.


1.1 Enterprise internal technology strategy

Continue to improve various science and technology management systems, enhance the implementation of the system, and lay the foundation for the standardization and standardization of scientific and technological work.

Establish technical committees and standardization committees. The technical committee is mainly responsible for reviewing the company's various technological development plans, technological innovation and progress, science and technology project establishment, scientific and technological achievements evaluation, personnel training, technical equipment and other major events. The review of major technical issues and safety technical solutions in the project undertaken by the company. Authoritative conclusions were made on the analysis and evaluation of major environmental, safety and quality accidents in the project undertaken by the company. Organize academic exchange activities inside and outside the company, promote advanced technology, and promote technological progress. Review the professional associations and associations that the company intends to participate in; the standardization committee is mainly responsible for implementing the national standardization laws, regulations, principles and policies, and is responsible for formulating standardization work plans and annual plans according to the company's development strategy, and unifiedly leading the construction and management of the company's standardized management system. Responsible for organizing company corporate standards development, review, revision, abolition, collection and promotion of international and domestic standards, standardization review, standardization research, standard training, standard implementation, evaluation of standard implementation results and supervision and evaluation; responsible for approval and release The company's corporate standards; responsible for the supervision and management of the standardization management of the various departments of the company system and assessment rewards and punishments. Participate in the preparation of local standards in Liaoning Province and improve corporate standards.

Strengthen the organization, coordination and management of the implementation of science and technology projects; focus on the technical management of the testing center (preparation), steel structure residential industrialization engineering center (preparation) and high-tech enterprises (re-evaluation).

Strengthening technical collaborative innovation planning and guidance, and sorting out the scientific research projects declared by employees, and combining the development layout of the company, drafting several major research topics covering design, manufacturing, testing, construction and installation, and issuing them after approval by the management committee. To all relevant departments.

Further do a good job in patent application, expand the field of application, focus on technological advancement in science and technology projects, and apply for provincial or national construction methods.

Do a good job in collecting and publishing scientific and technological information to provide a basis for decision-making.


1.2 Alliance technology strategy

Strategic research and platform building. Organize the development of modern building industry innovation development plan, propose the development roadmap and industrial technology roadmap; build a public information platform, build a technical library, product library, talent pool and demand library, and form a dynamic update mechanism to promote various innovation resources Integration and docking; condensing a group of production, learning and research units with innovative advantages, forming a high-efficiency new mechanism of cooperation in production, learning and research, promoting communication and interaction among all parties in the alliance, and improving resource allocation efficiency.

Innovation is advancing. According to the needs of the development of modern construction industry, we will gather innovative resources and elements, set up a number of alliance projects, actively organize and promote independent innovation of relevant key technologies and key products, improve the R&D and design level of modern buildings in China and improve the production and construction management system. Promote the establishment of public technology platforms in related fields, realize the sharing of technological innovation and technology resources, and improve the innovation chain.

Industry advancement. According to the needs of the development of modern construction industry, strengthen the docking with related industries, promote the construction of industrial alliance platform, improve the industrial chain; actively promote relevant industrial zones to establish industrial bases, and form a group of enterprises and units with international competitiveness.

Application advancement. Closely integrate relevant policies of governments at all levels, actively carry out research on trend development of modern construction industry and cultivation of new technology innovation work, promote the expansion of the modern construction industry in our city, and promote the vigorous development of the modern construction industry in our city.

Industry talent training. Through the alliance to build a platform to promote the joint training and exchanges of scientific and technological talents of the member units of the alliance, the alliance has become an important base for cultivating high-level talents, and has become an important base for attracting students studying abroad and overseas talents, and continuously enhancing the continuous innovation capability of the modern construction industry.


2. Organization, talent strategy

2.1 Organizational strategy

In the next five years, the company's organizational structure will be transformed from an existing department to a central form with a department. Set up a marketing center, design and development center, administrative center and manufacturing center, and set up a deputy general manager. The marketing center establishes the legal, management and planning departments; the design and development center sets up the technical center, the engineering center, the testing center, etc.; the administrative center establishes finance, personnel, administration, etc.; the manufacturing center sets up quality, production, safety, planning, technical process, manufacturing And installation and other departments. The departmental structure will be combined with the company's overall strategic direction in a timely manner, and will continue to expand and improve.


2.2 Talent Strategy

Team building focuses on the selection of personnel, and it is necessary to actively introduce talents in the same industry and scientifically identify them. Systematic training is carried out on the basis of selection, while paying attention to discovering the seed role of existing key personnel.

In order to attract, motivate and retain outstanding talents to help the company achieve its strategic goals, the company provides employees with competitive salary and benefits based on market competitiveness and internal fairness.


staff canteen 

The company has its own canteen, where employees can enjoy a reasonable working meal and a high standard of food.


Medical examination

The company pays close attention to the physical condition of employees and organizes a medical examination every year.


Holiday condolences

In traditional festivals such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, all employees of the company prepare gifts or condolences.


Inspection and tourism

During the holidays, the company will organize some tours and there will be some activities for study and study.



The company encourages employees to continue learning, organizes internal company training every month, and supports employees to learn in relevant social training institutions.


3. Marketing strategy

3.1 Market segmentation

1. Advantageous conditions for the development of steel structure: economic development is guaranteed; government policy guidance and support; population size and continuous growth, in the development stage of urbanization; market demand continues to grow, the state increases infrastructure construction; Steel prices continue to be low.

2. Restrictive factors for steel structure development: low industry threshold, large number of enterprises, uneven level; enterprises lack innovation consciousness, do not pay attention to personnel training; lack of order, lack of integrity, hinder the healthy development of the industry; industrialization, standardization work is slow; There is a lack of links downstream.

3. Status of steel structure construction.

(1) US steel-structured houses account for 43% of total construction, Japan accounts for 28%, Germany 22%, China accounts for 5% and is growing at more than 60%/year. In 2014, China's steel structure residential steel used 4.2 million tons of steel, 101 special-grade qualifications, 200 first-class, industry income of 276.668 billion, profit margin of 4.2%. The utilization rate of steel is 93-95%, and the per capita annual output is 69.12 tons. Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and other provinces (cities) have built a large number of low-rise, multi-storey, high-rise, super The market-oriented trend of high-rise steel structure demonstration projects and socialist new rural projects is also growing. Taking Liaoning Province as an example, the sales area of commercial housing in the province is about 100 million square meters per year. Assuming that 20% of them use steel structure, the sales revenue of steel structure enterprises with general contracting qualification can reach 27 billion yuan; according to 70 kg/m2 According to the calculation of the amount of steel used, the sales revenue of the supporting steel industry will reach 3 billion yuan; the sales revenue of the supporting decoration industry will reach 20 billion yuan. A total of 50 billion yuan. By analogy, the country has a recent market of more than 100 billion yuan.

(2) In the newly built bridge projects in developed countries such as the United States and Japan, the proportion of steel bridges exceeds 90%. In Japan, about 700,000 tons of steel is used for bridge construction every year. The existing steel bridges in the United States account for 33% of the total number of bridges, Japan is 41%, and China is less than 1%. It is gratifying that it is continuing to grow at a rate of 23%/year. In Shenyang, Liaoning Province, only one billion contracts will be opened in 2016.

(3) The steel structure workshop is the most direct steel structure building product affected by the economic situation, showing obvious regional characteristics. In the past five years, the demand for steel structure plant in the country has increased by nearly 2 times; in the past three years, the growth rate has fluctuated around 12%; in Liaoning and the entire northeast region, the market demand for steel structure plants has shown a sharp decline for two consecutive years. Industrial plants in various regions have gradually turned to industrial real estate, with large-scale, high-quality industrial parks as the core. Taking the Shenyang area as an example, we will build a demonstration zone around the Sino-German high-end equipment park and the Sino-French ecological park to achieve deep integration of informationization and industrialization and to adhere to the development of a new industrialization road.


3.2 Target market

1. The steel structure civil building system (public buildings and residential buildings) is mainly supplemented by steel bridges, supplemented by steel structure industrial buildings, subversively promoting the industrialization process of buildings.

2. Based in Shenyang, radiating to the northeast, and seeking the country. First choose the second-tier and above key cities, north to Changchun, Harbin, east to Jinan, Qingdao, west to Chongqing, Chengdu, south to Hainan, with a belt line, with a line to release regional marketing advantages, develop national Marketing ability.

3.3 Market positioning


Marketing strategy

The product strategy of technical innovation is used to support the price strategy lower than the traditional concrete structure, supplemented by the promotion strategy of the demonstration projects in key areas, and finally reach the channel strategy of covering the Northeast and arranging the whole country.

(1) All-round marketing planning, taking technology innovation as the guide and relationship marketing as the means, combining technology promotion, media promotion and relationship marketing.

(2) Focus on large customers and core value users, set up branch offices, and adapt to the agency system in a timely manner to channel coverage.


2. Marketing models at each stage

The first stage: the public relations of major customers in the mature region, complete the pilot layout, form a model, and then do a specialization, build a regional boutique enterprise, and achieve the goal of 3 billion enterprises.

(1) Adjust positioning, clarify product direction, professional development, and make regional characteristic brands;

(2) Find suitable large-scale enterprises to cooperate with each other and do special subcontracting or consortium contracting;

(3) Eliminate blind expansion and expand overseas markets.


The second stage: the five regional markets in Northeast China, North China, East China, Southwest China and Hainan operate and promote, cultivate regional customers, form regional markets, and then become stronger and better, build frigate enterprises, and achieve the goal of 5 billion enterprises.

(1) Consolidate existing customers, practice internal strength, and achieve local extension of the project;

(2) Finding breakthrough points suitable for their own development and promoting strategic cooperation in resources;

(3) Develop high-end market, certification + features + brand, and lay the foundation for bigger and stronger.


The third stage: focusing on the group's major customers and large developers, cultivating core value customers and long-term customers, establishing market position and brand, and then becoming bigger and stronger, creating a flagship carrier and achieving the goal of 7 billion enterprises.

(1) Cooperate with international and domestic top enterprises;

(2) Deep integration of informationization and industrialization;

(3) Internet + talent, technology, finance, and business model innovation.


The fourth stage: according to the market position and brand status of the product, the regional core layout branch, supplemented by the layered agency system, completes the channel coverage, and then forms a sustainable and strong customer retention development model to achieve the goal of tens of billions of enterprises. .


3.4 auxiliary mechanism

1. Marketing staff selection and training planning

(1) Selecting marketers as a long-term basic strategy for the company.

(2) Make team consistency as the selection criteria for marketing personnel, and refer to the industry quality model and the characteristics of excellent sales personnel within the company to correct.

(3) Continuously enhance the promotion of key knowledge and skills of marketers. Such as: product knowledge, customer knowledge, industry knowledge, competitive knowledge; communication skills, analytical skills, organizational skills, time management skills.

(4) Training on new ideas and new management tools. Such as Haier "one person in one" mode.


2. Marketing staff assessment and incentive mechanism

(1) Definition of results, one-to-one responsibility, follow-up inspection, timely reward and punishment.

(2) Taking the salary profit rate (per capita profit/per capita salary) as the standard for adjusting the salary, the profit growth rate is greater than the salary growth rate. The large order commission refers to the female parent and is awarded 1.5 times the industry average.


4. Investment and financing management strategy

The company expects to invest in the following new projects from 2016 to 2018

1. Steel structure construction industrialization manufacturing base upgrade project

 The project is an industrial (services, infrastructure) project, covering an area of 157,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 148,000 square meters, a total investment of 460 million yuan, a planned investment of 200 million yuan in 2016, and a construction period of 2016-2018. In the year, a 4,1920-square-meter steel structure envelope production workshop was built, a 16800-square-meter steel structure bridge production workshop and a 332-square-meter warehouse. Purchase two sets of autoclaved aerated concrete sheets and block production lines. This project purchases hundreds of sets of intelligent manufacturing equipment such as welding robots, intelligent cutting machines, CNC lock milling machines, etc., through the welding robot's independent planning technology for welding tasks, motion trajectory control technology and intelligent control technology of dynamic process to realize steel The welding, manufacturing automation, flexible and intelligent production of components, product welds are uniform, quality is stable, and production efficiency will be greatly improved. Main production (or achieved goals) Steel structure modern civil construction, steel structure industrial construction, steel structure bridges and steel structural envelopes, block and sheet masonry adhesives, sheet repair agents and other supporting materials. After the project is completed and put into production at the end of 2018, it can realize an annual output of 500,000 square meters of modern steel structure, 80,000 tons of steel structure bridges, 450,000 cubic meters of steel structural support plates, and 50,000 tons of other supporting materials such as adhesives and repairing agents. The annual output value (sales revenue) totals 2.08 billion yuan (including current production capacity).

The progress of this project has been confirmed by the “Shenyang City Enterprise Investment Project Record Confirmation” issued by the Economic Development Zone of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, and other various approvals are being processed. The completed construction area of the project is 75,060 square meters, and some factories and facilities are still under construction. This project has purchased more than 100 sets (sets) of steel structural components production and processing equipment. Autoclaved aerated concrete sheets and block production lines are in talks with suppliers.


2. Industrialization of key technologies for fabricated steel structures for civil modern buildings.

The project takes the invention patents and provincial-level scientific and technological achievements that have reached the domestic advanced level as the core, and purchases related equipment to realize the industrialization of key technologies for the assembly of steel structures for civil modern buildings. The planned investment is 67.32 million yuan. After the completion of the project, the steel structure building frame, exterior wall panels, internal partitions, stairs, decoration components and structures will be industrialized, and the industrialization of fabricated steel structures for civil buildings will be promoted. It will realize an annual production capacity of 500,000 square meters of assembled steel structure civil buildings. It is estimated that the sales revenue in 2017 will reach 1.1 billion yuan (including current production capacity), and the profit and tax will be about 100 million yuan.


3. Steel structure bridge industrialization base project

Based on the design and construction of existing steel bridges, the project actively absorbs the technology of developed steel bridges in Japan and Germany, and transforms them into steel bridge technology and technology with independent intellectual property rights and in line with China's national conditions. Bridge industrialization project. Purchase 40 sets of production equipment and inspection equipment.

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