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Zhongchen Steel Structure, the dream catcher of the assembled steel structure

Shenyang Zhongchen Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 with a registered capital of 120 million yuan. The company is located at No. 6 Jiubei Street, Xihe, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shenyang (the intersection of Development Avenue and Jiubei Jiubei Street). It covers an area of 160,000 square meters and is mainly engaged in fabricated steel structure civil construction, industrial construction and steel. Bridge R & D, development, design, manufacturing, installation, testing, maintenance and construction of the entire process of service integration, annual production capacity of 3 billion yuan, is one of the important promoters of China's building industrialization, the leading enterprise in the Northeast modern construction industry.

The company has a general contracting level for construction engineering, a first-class contracting for steel structure engineering, a special design for steel structure engineering, a special grade for steel structure manufacturing, a design and production of light integrated houses, a professional contractor for building engineering curtain walls, and China. The People's Republic of China foreign contracted engineering qualification certificate, the quality passed GB/T19001-2016 (ISO9001:2015) quality management system certification, GB/T24001-2016 (ISO14001:2015) environmental management system certification, GB/T28001-2011 occupational health and safety management System certification, GB/T50430-2007 engineering construction and construction enterprise quality management norms and other omni-directional certification management system.

In the past 16 years since its establishment, Zhongchen Steel has made great efforts to implement the “Building a complete industrial chain model of assembled steel structure and implement a group operation mode”, and has built a series of great products in the Liaoning, Northeast and even the whole country. Representative classic high-quality projects have been highly recognized by party committees and governments at all levels, inside and outside the industry and with cooperative customers. They have been awarded national high-tech enterprises, state-level assembly-type construction industry bases, and national-level steel structure R&D and testing public service centers. , Liaoning Province Enterprise Technology Center, Liaoning Provincial Engineering Research Center, Liaoning Province Steel Structure Housing Industrialization Engineering Research Center, Liaoning Province Honesty Demonstration Enterprise, Liaoning Province Key Project Bidding Credit Rating AAA Enterprise, "Liaoning Province Key Promotion Application Industrial Product Catalogue "Enterprises, "Shenyang City Key Industrial Quality Products Directory" enterprises and other honors, won the China Steel Structure Gold Award, the National Modern Construction Industry Demonstration Project, the Standing Member of the China Steel Structure Association, the Liaoning Province and Shenyang Modern Building Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance Director Long unit, small and medium-sized city in Shenyang Industry Association President Unit, China Steel Structure Gold Award, National Modern Construction Industry Demonstration Project, Shenha Chang 3 City Quality Engineering Gold Award, Liaoning Province Famous Brand Product and many other awards, is the key project bidding credit rating AAA enterprise of Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province Focus on the promotion of the application of industrial product catalogue "Enterprises, "Shenyang City Key Industrial Quality Products Directory" enterprises, but also selected as Shenyang City Science and Technology Innovation "Double Hundred Project" and "Technology Little Giant".

During the period, Zhongchen Steel also presided over and participated in the compilation of Liaoning Province Building Standards, Shenyang City Building Standards and other maps, and long-term cooperation with Japan, Germany advanced enterprises and domestic famous design institutes, universities, etc. Completed the strategic alliance of modern construction industry technology innovation in Liaoning Province and Shenyang City, formed a complete assembly-type steel structure building system and industrial chain to adapt to the severe cold climate, and successively obtained invention patents, utility model patents, and scientific and technological appraisal results of Liaoning Province. The remaining projects have promoted more than 700,000 flats of assembled steel structures for civil buildings, nearly 10 million flats for industrial buildings, and hundreds of thousands of tons of steel bridges, including several EPC general contracting and application of BIM technology, with absolute demonstration of industry applications. Advantage.

In the second half of 2018, Zhongchen Steel Structure fully implemented the Tiexi District Committee and Government to use innovation as the engine, expand and improve the leading industries, and guide the strategic decision-making of equipment manufacturing to intelligent, high-end, service-oriented and flexible development. Based on its own industrial advantages, it plans to construct Tiexi Science and Technology Park in the core position of Zhongde Garden in Tiexi New District, and build a demonstration model of “steel structure + 砼PC” fully assembled building according to the star green building standard, thus in the steel structure The practice of the entire industry chain model has once again taken a solid step.

Raise the party flag, listen to the party's words, and follow the party. Zhongchen Steel has determined the strategy of "building a party and strengthening the enterprise" from the beginning, grasping the party building through one stroke and one type, exerting the cohesiveness and appeal of the party organization, and inspiring the combat effectiveness and execution of party members and employees. Force has promoted the standardization of party organizations and the healthy development of enterprises. Over the years, the company's party committee has been awarded the honorary title of Liaoning Advanced Party Organization, Liaoning Provincial Non-public Economic Organization Party Construction Demonstration Site, Shenyang Advanced Grassroots Party Organization and Tiexi District Advanced Grassroots Party Organization, and became the party building of private enterprises in Liaoning Province. A dazzling banner with a demonstration effect on the position.

Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Zhongchen Steel has a forward-looking market and established a high-standard strategy of “keeping the heart to self-warming and repairing internal power and platform-driven energy”, and will strive for a never-sluggling state of mind and a struggle ahead. Attitude, continue to create brilliant future on the road of the development of China's steel structure construction industry chain!

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